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Our business actually began with window cleaning, which is our area of expertise. Achieving spotless windows is not as easy as it seems and requires a great deal of skill. We’ve had numerous clients reach out to us after attempting to clean their windows on their own, only to be left with streaks and smudges. We use professional-grade tools to clean the windows, screens, and tracks, ensuring that every aspect of the window is spotless. Clean windows offer a beautiful, unobstructed view and allow for more natural light to enter your home. We’d be delighted to give you the opportunity to experience the difference for yourself.

Benefits Of Our Seattle Window Cleaning Services

Window manufacturers advise cleaning windows, screens, and tracks at least once a year to prevent dirt buildup that can etch the glass over time. Dirt and water from your home’s siding or sprinklers can also leave hard water stains on your windows if not cleaned regularly. By consistently maintaining your windows with an annual cleaning, you can keep the clarity and crispness of your windows for years to come.
We offer hard water stain removal for windows with light buildup. However, for windows with heavy stains, restoration is necessary, which is not a service we provide. Customers may mistake a foggy window for a dirty one and have it cleaned, but cleaning the exterior alone won’t solve the problem. A foggy window often indicates a broken perimeter seal, causing argon gas to escape and be replaced with air. This leads to condensation when the temperature changes. If the window is under warranty, it’s best to contact the manufacturer for professional repair or replacement. Although a broken seal doesn’t usually affect the window’s function, it can reduce its energy efficiency features commonly found in double or triple pane windows.
Regularly cleaning your window screens is crucial for maintaining good indoor air quality. As screens accumulate dust, allergens and bacteria can get trapped in the mesh. When you open the window, the breeze can blow these harmful particles into your home, affecting the air you breathe. In addition to keeping bugs out, clean screens help reduce allergens and pollutants, making your home healthier and more comfortable.

Importance Of Having Clean Windows

Clean windows have many benefits! They allow more natural light to enter your home, creating a brighter and more welcoming atmosphere. They can give your home a fresh and tidy appearance, and enhance the colors and views outside. Clean windows can be especially important if you are selling your home, as they can make a significant difference in how the property is perceived by potential buyers. Dirty windows and cobwebs can give the impression that the home is not well-maintained, which can lead to unnecessary wear and tear. And, of course, a clean window can boost your mood and make you feel good about your living space. Our clients often tell us how thrilled they are with the results of our window cleaning services!

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Frequently Asked Window Cleaning Questions

Got Questions? We've Got Answers

The frequency of cleaning your windows may vary depending on your personal preference, but we usually suggest having them cleaned at least once a year. If you want your windows to always look their best, we recommend having them cleaned every 6 months. Regular cleaning not only keeps your windows looking sparkling and clear, but it also helps to maintain their overall condition and extends their lifespan.
We wet the window using a mop that has a cleaning solution on it. Then we use a non-scratch scrubby to break apart any dirt that’s sticking to the window. We use a professional rubber squeegee to remove the water from the window, and then touch up any leaks with our 100% cotton towels. Yay for streak-free shine!
Your home is covered up to $2,000,000 if any damage would occur. We are proud to say that in 14 years of doing this, we are incident free! A true, trained professional should never come close to damaging your home.
We absolutely do offer discounts for bundling services. 80% of our clients hire us for more than 1 service. If we are cleaning your home’s exterior, it makes sense to add window & driveway cleaning, for example.

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